Unit Standards 115755

About the Workshop

At the heart of all outcomes-based training today is the unit standard. This important document shapes the training you offer, determines the skills levy your company claims – and most importantly maps the content of the assessment.

This workshop offers you a logical and user-friendly process for constructing assessment tools that meet the demands of the unit standard. You’ll learn how to design and develop tools to assess learner competence in the workplace. And, since assessment does not occur in a vacuum, you’ll also learn how to design exciting tools for formative assessment, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of the learner throughout the learning period.

By the end of your learning period you will have constructed a set of assessment tools for seamless assessment both during and after the training. And you will, with very little hassle, have accumulated the credits for two important unit standards.

Unit Standards

This workshop meets all the outcomes of unit standard 115755 Design and Develop Assessments ie:

This important unit standard is set at NQF 6 and earns 10 credits.


Learning how to assess and evaluate is not an academic exercise. It demands your full involvement. This workshop challenges you to think out of the box about assessment, using every gram of ingenuity to develop tools to measure formative and summative learning and to circumvent the barriers and problems thrown up by the workplace.

You’ll begin by mastering the new language of assessment: you’ll understand the meaning of VROD, FAIM and VACS. You’ll wrestle with all that outcomes-based assessment implies and explore its impact upon you, your learners, and your company.

Next you’ll focus upon the unit standard. You’ll learn the tried and tested Gray Training approach to unit standard analysis which will help you to unpack the standard and extract everything you need for competent assessment design. Developing performance and knowledge assessment tools and activities is a breeze once you have mastered this skill.

You’ll work through examples of formative assessment tools, argue their value, and you’ll design instruments to measure your learner’s grasp of knowledge and skills during the learning. Many of the practicals are team-based, giving you the benefit of group support and varied thinking as you tackle the exercises.

Then you’ll master the art of structuring an integrated assessment design, which ensures that each part of the assessment process links into the next, creating a multi-tiered network of information on the learner, so that you and your assessor colleagues will be able to make a definitive Competent/Not Yet Competent decision.

After the workshop you’ll have 3 months to refine and develop a complete assessment design and a set of tools for formative and summative assessment of a unit standard. You’ll submit this work as your Portfolio of Evidence which we assess against the requirements of the standards. And during all of this learning, you’ll have the benefit of skilled support from your Gray Training facilitator.

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