Unit Standard 110061

About the Workshop

This workshop is designed with the professional ETD Practitioner in mind. It takes Gray Training’s insight into professional graphics presentations and lays it out into a two-day knock-your-socks-off learning experience. It slots neatly into the materials design portfolio since it enhances skills learnt on these workshops. It is also an ideal supplement for the facilitator who needs to develop additional aids and materials for use in the classroom.

You’ll exit this valuable training programme with the skills to:

This dynamic workshop will give you the time to select appropriate training materials and the opportunity to adapt and modify training materials according to the specific needs of your group. You’ll develop the expertise to design clear, relevant illustrations and text. And finally – you’ll leave with the skills to improve upon existing materials and lessons in your workplace.

Unit Standards

The portfolio requirements for this workshop are linked to the unit standard 110061 Prepare learning support materials for programmes in development practice, which covers the following outcomes:

The standard is set at NQF 5 and earns 8 credits.


In this workshop you’ll take a risk, you’ll put pen to paper – and you’ll be amazed at the result.

That’s because you’ll be mastering new skills during every lesson. You’ll experience the power of discovery learning, and you’ll take that risk and try out all the skills yourself in a variety of activities. You’ll assess your development with the help of your learning team.

Your Learning Journey

These are the modules you’ll cover during your workshop:

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