Unit Standard 10299

About the Workshop

You have to develop a course based upon a unit standard– and you have a week to do it in. Crisis time? Yes – it will be crisis time if you automatically go into Develop-a-course-mode and frantically begin to develop your training notes, handouts and activities for a one- or two-day intervention without taking the time for a little analysis! You’re unlikely to produce a programme that meets the requirements of the unit standard – and there’s a strong chance that you’ll disappoint your own standards of excellence.

What’s the alternative? Well, regardless of the amount of time you have to prepare for a course, you need to make time to plan and design. Our experience indicates that investing time in planning and designing cuts development time by at least a third. You’ll make informed decisions – and that will cut out time spent on costly reworking of material.

Trainers need time out before they start developing training material, to make sure that their training design is the best possible for the learners, the company and the unit standard. And that’s what our workshop Plan and Design Outcomes-Based Learning Material is all about. It’s a bridge between occupational analysis (finding the facts about your workplace) and development (creating the learning material). And it allows you to develop a programme that marries your company requirements with the demands of the unit standard.

Unit Standards

This workshop meets outcomes 1 - 4 of unit standard 10299 Design learning programmes and related learning materials ie:

(NB: Outcomes 5 – 6 are covered in the workshop Develop Outcomes-Based Learning Material.)

This important unit standard is set at NQF 6 and earns 20 credits. We strongly advise all aspiring materials designers to attain this part of the standard before attempting the balance of the unit standard in Develop Learning Materials.

In addition, the workshop meets part of the requirements of Module 2 Planning & Preparing the Learning Sessions of the City & Guilds International Diploma in Teaching and Training


The only way to learn how to design learning material is to design it! On this workshop you’ll have the time to try out your new knowledge in practical sessions. Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to create customised design matrices relevant for your needs, at your company, for your learners.

After the workshop you’ll have three months to use your design matrices to plan and design a complete learning intervention. You’ll submit your designs and a report on their effectiveness as your Portfolio of Evidence for assessment against this unit standard.

Your Learning Journey

Your learning journey consists of the following modules:

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