Unit Standards 263976,12138, 15218

About the course

This workshop provides the essential foundation upon which the development of all training material must be built. On it, you will discover how to identify exactly what content is required for any course material that you need to develop.

Consider for a moment:

The development of training material starts with catagorically identifying the content.

The Gray Training Analysis & Assessment Workship is designed with the professional trainer and consultant in mind. It distils Gray Training’s insight into organisational development, workplace analysis and learner guidance into a three-day learning experience. It is the essential starting point for materials design and development since it gives you the organisational and the learner-focused perspective to balance against the requirements of the unit standards and/or Enterprise standards.

By the time you have finished this course you’ll be able to:

Unit Standards

This workshop meets all the outcomes of three unit standards:

263976 Demonstrate understanding of the Outcomes-Based education and training approach within the context of the NQF, which earns 5 credits at NQF 5. This standard covers the following outcomes:

12138 Conduct an organisational needs analysis, which earns 10 credits at NQF 6 and covers the following outcomes:

15218 Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes, which earns 4 credits at NQF 6 and covers the following outcomes:


The workshop begins two weeks before the starting date. You will receive a pack of self-paced learning material, which demystifies the requirements of OBET and the NQF. You’ll need to work through this material before you attend the workshop. There, you’ll spend a morning session building upon your understanding of these compliance issues and applying your new knowledge to your own organisation.

The workshop continues with hands-on activities, which build your skill in understanding the implications of OBET and the NQF and analysing jobs, functions and unit standards. You’ll master the critical skill of analysing workplace competencies, so that you can use this information to identify learning requirements. You’ll master the knowledge and practise the different analytic methods in small learning teams. Your work is constantly assessed so that you learn constructively, building a platform of confidence to take back to the workplace. By the time you leave, you will have produced a complete set of analyses (job, competency and unit standard) ready for drafting into a training document.

Post-course projects complete the learning and provide you with your portfolio of evidence (POE).

Your Learning Journey

These are the modules you’ll cover during your workshop:

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